The cities of Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin and Newport Beach are the communities most directly impacted by noise generated by air carriers operating in the John Wayne Airport (JWA) arrival and departure corridors. In 2000, these cities became known as the Corridor City Coalition (Coalition) because of their collective support for amendments of the JWA Settlement Agreement. The Coalition believes that continued involvement in decisions related to JWA and regional air transportation service is essential to maintain the high quality of life currently enjoyed by their residents.


JWA is, and will always be, incapable of serving all Orange County (County) air transportation demand and there is no viable site in the County for a second commercial airport. Air transportation demand in the County and the Southern California region now exceeds supply and that shortfall is likely to grow over time. The Coalition commends the Board of Supervisors and Airport Director for operating JWA in a manner that balances the County’s air transportation needs with residents’ quality of life, However, the Coalition must always be prepared to respond to any proposal to expand JWA and must be proactive in the search for ways to satisfy more of Orange County’s air transportation demand without any expansion of JWA.


The Coalition agrees these actions are necessary to protect their residents:
• Oppose any expansion of JWA beyond its current (2007) footprint;
• Oppose a second air carrier runway or extension of the existing runway;
• Oppose any significant reduction in general aviation operations/facilities;
• Oppose any change to air carrier or general aviation noise ordinances;
• Ensure that regional plans are consistent with the legal and practical constraints on air carrier service at JWA;
• Oppose any attempt by out-of county entities to assume any ownership of, or operational control over, JWA;
• In cooperation with the Board and other public agencies, actively support development and implementation of proposals that enable Orange County residents and businesses to conveniently access underused out-of-county airports using roadway improvements and air passenger rail links.


While Coalition members may be the communities most impacted by aircraft noise, all Orange County cities have a significant interest in JWA service levels and impacts. The Coalition encourages these communities to become “Coalition Supporters” by adopting this Position Statement. The Coalition will communicate regularly with, and seek input from all Coalition Supporters.

Newport Beach City Council agenda item June 26, 2007